UdSSR Intourist. (Poster, 1930s.)

Soviet travel bureau for foreign tourists, Intourist, was established in 1929. In the 1930s it began extensive advertising campaign in many countries, especially in the United States. Intourist posters were designed by the best artists and influenced by the constuctivist aesthetics of the 1920s. In this poster, which is not promoting a single destination but the Intourist itself, one can see what the early Soviet Union wanted to highlight for travelers. Progress and modern things like power lines and high-rise buildings were important, and in the background there looms the long history with churches. In the forefront one can see mausoleum of Lenin and the globe indicating that the entire counrty is open to visitors.

Moscow. Tours to the USSR arranged by Intourist. (Poster, 1930s.)

The Soviet travel agency Intourist was established in 1929. The main task was to promote the Soviet Union to foreigners, and at the same time control and surveil the visitors. During the 1930s Intourist organized a huge advertisement campaign in the United States to encourage western tourism in the Soviet Union. Moscow was depicted as the heart of the country, an age-old and hypermodern at the same time, as the poster’s combination of Kremlin towers, busy traffic and the brand new House of government at the background indicate.